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gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. right now on "the willis report", the new push for smartphone kill switches, stirring up much debate. will it put a stop to cell phone crime? what this means for users across the country next. and president obama unveiling a $4 trillion budget plan today. >> a road map for creating jobs, with good wages and expanding opportunity for all americans. gerri: but will a plan that involves more government spending and taxing really get anything done? also will criminals feast on atms come aprilth? find out why your identity may not be safe next time you make a cash withdrawal. we're watching out for you on "the willis report."
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gerri: our top story, new momentum to put a kill switch on all cell phones. it's a way to permanently that is disable them so they are useless to thieves. congress now taking up the issue. smartphone theft counts for a third of all robberies in the u.s. according to the fcc take a look at these surveillance tapes. phones snatched, people assaulted, beaten for their phones. some victims, even killed, with me now, paul whose daughter meagan was shot and killed for the iphone. with us meagan's sister. they are behind this new effort to make sure no family goes through what they went through. welcome to you both. great to have you here. you're on set with me. i want you to tell me what happened to your sister. >> well, my sister was walking to her car and at the time she
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was in st. louis. my family lives in chicago. she was traveling there to the weekend and visit friends and play in alumni volleyball game at st. louis university where she played volleyball. she was walking to the car calling my mom to check in with her, while she was talking, two 18-year-olds were look for someone to rob and saw her talking on the new white iphone and decided she would be target of a robbery. she was approached when she got in the car and demanded the phone and they were not able to get it and they shot her twice and she was killed. gerri: very possible, paul, that she fought, she fought back? we are seeing pictures of her right now. what a lovely young woman she was. what was your reaction to what happened? i assume you were angry? >> we, initially we didn't know a lot of what had happened. we didn't get a lot of information. once we found out what happened
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it was absolutely devastating to us. meagan was the most wonderful young person. to think this could happen to her was just unbelievable. gerri: do you think that this kill switch could fix this problem, paul? >> yes, i do. i think what the kill switch would do, it would eliminate the market. the reason why these people are taking phones, is because they can take a cell phone and sell it within 24 hours for substantial amounts of money. this legislation would eliminate that market and, as a result, there would be no need to steal cell phones. gerri: annie, you're taking a very public stance here in support of your sister i assume. how does that feel? and what do you want to see happen? >> i want to see a day where people walk down the street and use their phones and not be targeted and suddenly become a victim of violent crime. i think what happened to my sister was a terrible tragic
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thing and i just don't want to see it happen to anybody else. >> i can completely understand what you're saying. again we're looking at pictures of your sister. she looks completely charming and beautiful. and amazing young woman. let me show you some of the numbers though that describe this problem, the depth of this problem. the fcc says, in new york city, the number of cell phone thefts, 40% of all thefts in san francisco, that is, it is 60% of all thefts. you take a look at these numbers, "the wall street journal" reporting that 50% of all robberies in san francisco are smartphone thefts. the issue is really out of control. and paul, to you, the cell phone companies here are really fighting back. here's what they say, their opposition to the kill switch. they say, our members are continuing to explore and offer new technologies to address these crimes while not inadvertently creating a trap door that hacker and cyber criminals could exploit. paul, they believe that a kill
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switch isn't the right technology, isn't well-developed enough. what do you say that. >> the idea we're looking at is technological solution. what people are doing when they steal the cell phones and reformat them and put operating system back on if the phone was brand new. they ship it overseas and resell it immediately. the idea would be that if someone tried to reinstall the operating system, that phone would still know that it was paul boken's phone and would require paul put his password back in in order to reuse that phone. it is a technological solution. we have some of the most brilliant people in the world working for these companies, i think they can get it done. gerri: annie, do you guys feel a little like david and goliath? these big cell phone companies don't want to change their policies. some people feel it is a concern about profits.
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do you guys feel like you're fighting uphill battle on this. >> definitely. we have been pushing this last several months. we were pushing this when we helped eric schneiderman's secure cell phones initiative. gerri: new york attorney yen. >> there is legislation in california. and now the federal legislation. i think people are starting to pay attention. gerri: paul, there is another solution being proposed by the wireless companies themselves, a national database of stolen phones where you could go and check in if your phone is stolen. is that enough of a solution for you? >> no, i don't think that would solve the problem. the problem is these phones are being stolen here and being shipped overseas that would solve a national problem. if the phones are being resold in america but it doesn't solve the problem of the phones going to asia and other places. >> annie, to you, how old was your sister when she died and what do you make of this debate
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and this controversy and you sit down and listen to people talk about it, people that didn't even know your sister. >> meagan was 23 when she was killed. she was a year out of college. she was just starting her career and navigating life as an adult. she had so many great things ahead of her. when i hear people talking about issues that they're not sure how to resolve, and figure out the right technology to use, it all seems so silly to me because i think that a human life is worth so much more than this. and i think that, if it can save a life, this technology needs to be developed. >> all a matter of perspective. annie and paul, thank you for coming on tonight. great to have you here. we really appreciate your time. we'll continue to follow your story and love to have you back anytime. thank you so much for coming on. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks, gerri. >> you're most welcome. we want to know what you think. here is our question tonight, should cell phones have a kill switch? log on to, vote
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on the right-hand side of the screen. i well show the results at the end of tonight's show. from the safety with cell phones to your health care. another obama care delay is coming. fox news confirming that white house will allow insurers to continue to offer health plans that don't meet obama care's minimum coverage requirement, this time as long as two years. with more on this, dr. scott gottlieb, resident fellow at the american enterprise institute. dr. scott, welcome back to the show. >> thanks. gerri: another delay. i have to admit at this point, i don't know what is left of obamacare, we delayed so many things. is this a knife in the heart to the law? >> there is more they can delay. what they're doing here they will allow small business that is were supposed to conform to the mandates under the law get grandfathered in another year or two. the small businesses can continue to offer policies they're offering currently. under the current law they would have to stop offering the policies this fall just before the election. that is why the administration is taking this move.
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what will happen it, will cause premiums in the obamacare exchanges to go up next year more because the insurance companies were counting on these small businesses moving those individuals into the obamacare exchanges. gerri: well, i have to tell you, yet another delay, and it seems to me it is pretty obvious the reason why they're doing this there is election coming up. what do you make of the fact that the things are happening coincidentally? >> it is political. frankly a smart move politically because the small businesses would have to send out cancellation notices a month best election. most of us figured they would do it. i figured they would wait closer to the election. the reason they had to do it now because the insurance companies are trying to figure out the premiums for 2015. they need to start baking that into the costs. this will increase costs. each time they peel away alear for the law it has ripple effects because the law is overly complex. gerri: i was going to that. i was wondering it does to the
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economics of the law when you suddenly decide you will extend deadline for folks. does this undermine the financial underpinnings of the law? >> absolutely. the premiums will go up. it will make i had hearter for people to enroll in fifth if i have. so-called insurance death spiral more likely and premiums get increase and people only get into the market are people that need the coverage. the insurance companies were counting on moving small business plans into the obamacare exchanges because they tend to have healthiest and wealthiest consumers. they tend to be low-cost consumers. so you want the customers. now more of the customers will stay outside the obamacare exchanges they will have to increase premiums to offset what would have been the benefit of having these customers in those markets. gerri: so the prices go up and meantime we've had over 6 million insurance cancellations under obamacare. so, you could be in a situation where your coverage has been canceled, yet some people are having their deadlines extended.
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that has to be doublingly frustrating for people out there. respond to another thing. 30% of americans respond that obamacare had personally negative impact on them. it seems to me that the support for the law, and we talked a lot about the problems with the law overand over again, but support for the law really coming apart here. >> right. well most people are seeing their costs go up. they're seeing health plans get degraded. there is very narrow sweet spot folks that benefit from the law at all. it tend to be between people 150% to 200% of the federal poverty level. family of four earning about $35,000 a year to $40,000 a year probably will benefit from the law because they will get enough subsidies for both premiums and cost sharing to offset the costs. people outside of that window a lot will be made worse off. there is narrow cohort of the population better off under this law. gerri: dr. scott gottlieb,
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thanks for coming on tonight. we appreciate your time. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks so much. we have more to come this hour include an easy way to cut future mortgage bills. next, president obama unveiling a nearly $4 trillion budget so what does this mean for you and me? some analysis coming after the break.
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see what's new at gerri: the white house unveiling its 2015 budget today, filled with stimulus money and an earned income tax credit expansion. but what will this new proposal mean for your bottom line? joining me now, peter morici, economist at the university of maryland. welcome back to the show, peter. i'm looking at this and thinking an extra $60 billion, $60 billion in spending over last year and we have $11 trillion in debt. does this make any sense at all? >> no, it really continues the kinds of policies we've had for the last 15 or 20 years. you know the economy has grown less than 2% throughout this century. compare that to the reagan clinton years, two different parties where the economy grew at twice that pace.
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gerri: let's take a look at some of the things the president wants to spend on, give people a sense, if you're a consumer this is what you're looking at. expansion of earned income tax credit. more money for highways, bridges and transit. more money for head start programs and cuts to crop insurance. start with the earned income tax credit for a second. antipoverty plan is popular with both sides of the aisle. when you look at actual numbers, there is no traction on ending poverty in this country. none of the stuff seems to do a lick of good. what do you make of it? >> one of the things about earned income tax credit permits people to work for less money. so some of the gains they get out of it are taken out in lower wages. also, it has to be paid for by, you know, somebody paying higher taxes. very people that hire these folks that go into mcdonald's, and that hire folks to clean their homes and things like that. so you know it is not the unvarnished gain that it
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advocates say that it should be. gerri: that is absolutely true. the of course the president already picked out whose pocket he would like to pick for the expansion of the earned income tax credit and it is people on wall street. he is not likely to face a lot of opposition, certainly from not any place other than new york on doing this. what do you make of this? this is expansion of the president's belle discussed, much trotted out idea there is income inequality here and uncle sam's job is to fix that? >> well i think it is important to recognize that the carried interest provision president is targeting has been targeted by congressman camp in his tax reform proposals. there is some consensus in congress that is look hole that should be closed. there is very big difference in the purpose for which that money should be used. republicans would like to consolidate, improve the earned income tax credit and consolidate various programs available to the poor. that makes some sense.
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you know economists like giving folks cash directly. so that they can be use it to make choices of their own. so consolidating all these programs, getting rid of any abuses we have in food stamp, that does make some sense for making things better. >> well, peter, though when you give people cash there is much more of an opportunity for fraud and when you look at these tax credits, that is exactly what happens. if you look at reports from the irs. these are the part ofs of the tax code where the regular old-fashioned taxpayer gets ripped off more than any other. expanding tax credits is actually bad for curbing fraud. what do you say? >> well my feeling is that if you let me run the irs i'll stop that fraud. but i won't spend my time targeting conservative organizations or liberal organizations, depending on who is president. it is matter of irs not expressing its own values where it puts enforcement resources
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but enforcing the law. one of the problems you have with this kind of fraud there is not a big payback when you catch somebody. so they don't give it enough emphasis. but it creates an environment where there is too much of it. i think fraud problem can be fixed. it is fairly simple. gerri: another 30billion for highways just as we have potholes all over new york city you could lose your car in. net-net when, you look at this budget, what will it mean for the economy? is it thumbs up or thumbs down? >> it is thumbs down because it just continues on kinds of policies we've had. i would like to spend more on road but i give it at office. carve it out of the department of education and money you're sending my university and others we would be better off with less cash learning to be more frugal. >> peter, thanks for coming on. great to see you again. >> take care. >> thank you. now the latest developments on the recall scandal, rocking general motors. ceo mary barra finally coming out on the issue, finally
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talking, posting a letter to employees online. the company launched an internal investigation and acted without hesitation when the issue was brought to her team. but the company waited years, years before issuing its 1.4 million car recall in the u.s. after a string of fatal crashes, the defect soming the ignition switch. it turned off, resulting in 13 deaths at a minimum. we will of course continue bringing you the very latest on that story. and later in the show a warning before you hit the atm again. next we answer the question, how do you do that? we'll have advice cutting your mortgage bill with a simple second payment. stay with us. ♪
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gerri: you can pay the loan back on 30-year mortgage on your term, not the banks. how do you do that next?
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gerri: 30-year mortgage is probably the biggest expense most people will ever pay but there is way to cut years off your repayment schedule. we have the founder of help save my and author of the book, more money please, the financial secrets you never learned in school. you know why? because they never teach it to you in school. scott, great to have you here. this is great idea. you will help people save money on the mortgages. what is that easy step to take? ers. >> if off, think about it, your mortgage is likely largest expense and goal is to get it paid off as soon as possible. you think about retirement. a lot of uncertainties surrounding health care. there are more health care
5:25 pm
costs. great way to pay off the mortgage faster is by making extra payment each year that will take a 30 year mortgage down to about 24 years. gerri: i have to tell you it is so simple and by tweaking your budget here and there, over the year, this is simple move to make. i think the reason people don't do it, because they don't believe it. it sound too easy, scott. how does this work? how can you make this work so you can save money ultimately? >> well if you can make a lump sum payment at end of the year, that is a great way. a lot of people that is more difficult. instead you pay your mortgage every go weeks, that amounts to 26 payments. which is essentially the same thing as making that lump sum payment. but the key here, is to tell your bank that you're doing this beforehand if you're going to make that monthly payment twice per month. >> may not turn out pretty if they don't know what is going on because they think you do the wrong thing. it is saving interest what you're doing at end of the day. this is the money you're saving is interest money. interest on average
5:26 pm
200,000-dollar, 30-year mortgage, how much could it add up to the over life of the loan? >> very common for to us see a loan for principle and interest double that, and what a lot of times happen, these loans have amortization asked us. in beginning most of the payments are allocated towards interest. toward the end of the loan that is when you make the dent in principle. with paying one additional mortgage payment each year we're trying to expedite this process. gerri: so you end up paying less interest to the bank and that is always good news for people out there who have a mortgage. we talked about before, if you don't get the bank in on your plan, you could be in trouble. why? >> this is because, the first payment of the month, if you're doing it twice per month is not going to be enough to cover the entire amount. so the bank will not necessarily know what to do with the money. a, they could put it towards interest, essentially give them free money and deem your payment as insufficient, in that case you would be late on your
5:27 pm
mortgage. so instead you want to call head and tell them to allocate this money, not only towards principle but to unapplied funds. this is the best way to make dent on principle. >> i love the idea. great stuff, scott, thanks for coming on. i think a lot of people will get ahold of loan officer next few days after hearing your story. thank you so much. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: coming up another day, another data beach. we have live report from chicago to tell you all about it. beware of your next trip to the atm as the security software that is supposed to keep your information safe, it is expiring. we'll tell you about that coming up. ♪ i ys say be thman with the plan but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent
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speed on is the bank atm about
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to put you at risk to hackers? on april 8, microsoft is ending support for its windows xp operating system and that means no more security or technical upgrades. dates are scrambling to update 95% of bank software that uses the system for they become targets for hackers. joining me now is the chairman of identity theft 911. thank you for joining us here today. >> thank you for having me. gerri: so can you explain the rest? >> the risk is that for a period of time if they don't it be data, this will be fair game for hackers. so they they have to do the upgrade. some are extending their contract with microsoft and they will ultimately be facing the expense between 1000 and 3500 per machine because they have to update the software machine by machine. gerri: they knew the deadline
5:32 pm
was coming. are you telling me that banks can't of the six before the deadline? >> if it isn't a this year. there are 200,000 atms that actually use the windows xp software. we're not only talking think atms, but even a more dangerous atm. but they are probably three operating distance behind us as good news is that xp. this is an opportunity for banks to upgrade their atm machines to include chip and pending technology. while they do that? >> i don't know. there should be this kind of upgrade. i don't know if they ultimately well. the truth is that its national
5:33 pm
consumer protection week. if it's anything to talk about it, the moment he. gerri: the software that we were talking about during the bank, it was released 12 years ago. that is an eon in technology time. people make changes every month. why is it that makes her so locked into the software, which is really a dinosaur. >> it is actually dogeared that were talking about. it is just crazy that people don't want to spend money to a good upgrade. the on come back and tell us it works out or if we should stop going to atm machines altogether. thank you for coming on the show. more security issues to report tonight. if they take a chicago cab, first american bank, filing complaint with the city of chicago over what it calls a pattern of fraudulent transactions. involving charge card to the
5:34 pm
city's taxis. jeff flock is at our chicago bureau with the details. >> can you imagine this? a big thing don't use our credit card or debit card are you pay cash, it's much safer. that is what first american in chicago. a reasonably small bank, about $2.5 billion in assets. take a look at the warning notice on your facebook page as we speak tonight. it says essentially that we advise our customers to not use their debit or credit cards to pay for taxi services. and the says clearly that the is not a case of a reach of first american system. and they said it is the process or were the taxi charges and they say that they have contacted both mastercard and bank of america two weeks ago or it here is essentially what they got from b of a. this is their public response. it is also what the bangkok.
5:35 pm
it says that b of a services takes the security very seriously. but we cannot discuss specific matters. that is what they are telling the bank in chicago as well. so first american to the unusual step of saying, don't use your cards. they called out mastercard and bank of america. you can imagine what mastercard thinks about this when you start to hate, hate, don't use your mastercard, it is not safe great academies in chicago are not thrilled about it. if you get into a cab coming you give your card to someone that you don't know, no offense to cab drivers and women and men. but you don't know what the heck they are doing with the information. and they thought that maybe your data will be compromised. you go back the old fashion way and give a guy a 5-dollar bill or whatever. gerri: that's what we hear all the time. people are starting to choose cash rather than credit. but i am shocked that they are calling out inc. of america and
5:36 pm
math are card publicly. just how unusual is this? >> credit analysts say that it's highly unusual. because they really don't want to tick off mastercard. they do business together and mastercard and visa and the other credit card providers hate this idea. when you start talking about going back to cash, which is as good as money. [laughter] >> you can really put a ding in the business. gerri: jeff, you just illuminated it. cash is as good as money. thank you for coming on. it is grey tabby on the show. all right, in a consumer alert, you're going to want to hear this if you are a netflix fan. there is a new netflix stadium. a fake webpage exists for users when they try to the diner to the and netflix page. it will save the account has been suspended due to unusual activity. they will ask you to call customer service. however, the number is fake.
5:37 pm
he gives hackers complete access to your computer. double check every number that you are asked to call. it is on you to make sure that you they don't get ripped off here. that is a big heads-up out there for netflix users. when we come back, be prepared to watch me squirm. i am joined by a dog expert. we will look at the future of some creepy crawlers, people. i would not do this on my own, i am being forced to do this. we are looking out for you and your money coming up next announcer: where can an investor
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be a name and not a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. gerri: a new study from the mutual fund for morningstar has
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completely abandoned what we thought about investing. if the average mutual fund gets a better return than the average investor, what does that mean? john is with us. i thought this was interesting stuff. let's take a look at the numbers you crunch. over the past 10 years, the average investor underperforming the average fund. the investor making 4.8% return. the average fund 7.3. what is going on here? >> it's pretty simple. we look at the average performance of funds when you take the average of 10,000 funds. that compared to where the money is in the funds and where the money is than they are making less than the typical funds. >> people are not investing wisely. gerri: good investors dinged because they took their money in and out of the funds over time? >> they get thing because they take their money in and out of
5:42 pm
funds over time. they're basically going into the wrong asset process. they're performing well in the past but don't perform so well because they are hot when they buy them. so this really is not about index versus active management. we have a certain type of fund, a large growth stock fund.
5:43 pm
we have an enormous rebound since then. gerri: we have terrible timing, that is for sure. we have seen it over and over again. investors get nervous, they want to talk about this at exactly the wrong time. >> people tend to do better with a more stable kind of predictable category. and i really have stopped recommending the sector funds because people use them so poorly. look at commodity funds and people getting in after 2008 when commodities did well in unveiling. gerri: i just have to show 11 full screen from this because i think it so interesting. the terrible timing we were talking about. in 2012 was a net outflow of
5:44 pm
$93.8 billion or the return on your is 35% in equity funds. what a tragedy for people out there that were trying to do the right thing and got killed instead. john, thank you for coming on the show. it will be to have you here. i hope you will come back again soon. >> certainly. anytime. gerri: it's time now for a look at stories that you're clicking on. president obama says russia's invasion of the ukraine could hurt russia. vladimir putin has sent russian forces into the korean region saying that he protects the russian interest there. meanwhile secretary of state john kerry in the ukraine with that country's new government. and stocks brushing off the concerns, the dow jones jumped more than 200 points today while the s&p 500 moves back into record territory. and president obama is also sending congress a nearly
5:45 pm
4 trillion-dollar budget on roads and education and job creation. also by closing tax loopholes, favoring the wealthy. the budget is not expected to go anywhere in congress. and this may be the nail in the coffin for radioshack. planning to close up to 1100 stories. radioshack also reporting a wider loss as traffic was down during the all-important holiday season. these are some of the hot stories on fox still to come, my "two cents more" in the winter weather isn't just a pain for humans. certain species could be wiped out as a result. a look at the future of these stink bugs coming up next.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
stay one an upside to the brutally cold winter. the stink bug population has been hit hard by a plummeting temperatures. are they gone for good?
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
gerri: this winter has been a real killer for stink bugs. that is what we are talking about. the frigid temperatures across the country have stopped these invasive insects cold. that is what their little round bodies. almost 95% of the population has been killed, that good news for those whose crops have been invested. twenty now is our very favorite scientific assistant at the american museum of natural history. you are a man.
5:50 pm
if we have a book story, we come to you. i have seen these bad guys in my house. usually this cold weather is great upon them. >> it's tough, but it's not overall, the whole population with blake 40 different states infiltrated by these bugs. and then they rebound by next spring its asian beetles and they have infiltrated into japan to a town one inside my house and they move really slowly. what is going on at them in this time of year are at this time they are already sorted in a hibernation stage. and then they will come out in the early spring, april and may
5:51 pm
to may in feet and lay eggs and start the whole process over again. gerri: they create a lot of damage. i making fun of this at the end of the day. if you're a farmer, you're not happy about this. >> that's exactly right. it is something that feeds on different plants. it has a very big problem. gerri: it's a big problem, the winter weather is killing them off. they have a natural protection? >> guesstimate introduce anti-freeze to protect them. if you insects and other types of creatures that do not. ticks have that overwinter and actually they are supposed to have different bacteria in different microorganisms that can be used to make you ill. they're having those keeps them
5:52 pm
doing well over the winter as well. so there's different ways of getting around this. he won what can i do if i find out that i have been invaded by stink bugs? >> it's easy to clean him up. you really want to look for your whole house, get a professional in. and if you have your house sealed, they won't be coming into your house anymore. >> some people think that they have bed bugs. gerri: we want to take a look at these. these are the stink bugs and i recognized him from my house. and those are the bugs that are much bigger.
5:53 pm
>> okay, i guess i can look forward to more stink bugs then. you were coming on the show. >> since 2007, beer sales have been down nearly 2.5% or nearly 5 million euros. the brands americans no longer drink is tonight's top five. number five is old milwaukee, between 2007 and 2012. sales fell by more than half. and miller genuine draft is number four. only been around for less than three decades, down by more than 1.5 million barrels in 2007. number three is milwaukee's best premium. since 1895among the college
5:54 pm
red and sales have fallen nearly 59% and they have raised their prices. number two is budweiser select. a low carbon low-calorie option. it's never been that popular. downer 52%. it has been overtaken by a more popular version, michelob light. we will be right back with my "two cents more". should cell phones have a kill switch? stay with us. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here.
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or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. relieving the pain quickly. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out.
5:56 pm
the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done.
5:57 pm
gerri: lawmakers are proposing a log hiring cell phones to have a kill switch to stave off thieves and keep your personal information safe.
5:58 pm
cell phone companies say will cost too much to implement. should cell phones have a kill switch and acquiesce question on gerri just 35% said yes, 65% said no. lock onto roman question every day. you guys are top. and here are some of your e-mails regarding this. and many are working too hard, some say, because there are many not working at all and paying taxes to support the country. and so the burden falls on the ones working. high taxes, high unsubsidized grocery bills, unsubsidized housing and utility and energy bills among other things. if they were allowed to keep more of their money, they would not have to work so hard with little to nothing to show for
5:59 pm
it. we love hearing from you. in this e-mail and and finally tonight, there is something to be said for gumption. moxie and confidence. that is what individual investors have been missing ever since financial crisis. we have lost our nerve. and news tonight that we covered that even one individual investors were performing mutual funds, their overall performance didn't match the funds. that is tragic. i believe individual investors are mimicking professionals and they see the pros jump on a women for no reason at all, the individuals do the same. long-term investing is dead. that is what i am told. i am holding may be the only advantage that you have in the market dominated by adrenaline junkies. not only will you reduce transaction costs, but your performance will improve as well. stick to your guns. that is my "two cents more". that's it for tonight's "willis
6:00 pm
report." thank you for joining tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ double mocha. neil: hey vladimir putin, and i know that you are watching. it's time to do some thinking. because when the rich upset get upset, it's time for a switch. what can bring the world back from the brink? how about losing a bundle? don't get me wrong, the ukraine is still en masse. but let's be grateful today but it's not getting messier. markets are rebounding and the russian elite could be blinking or rethinking. and because of some very important russian investors, losing their

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